Technology Innovation

Drone data visualization and analysis technology

Monitor, Measure and Communicate

Keeping tabs on the complex, moving parts of a construction project is no small task. The good news is, by spending less time mapping your job-site, you’ll gain an entire set of data to help you and your team work more efficiently, make more informed decisions, and communicate with ease.

Drone maps and models not only provide an aerial view of your entire project, but each map includes a rich set of high resolution data that can be used to further measure and analyze just about anything on a site.

Project Monitoring & Site Inspection

Improved Insight

Many companies choose to conduct mapping flights of the job-site each week. This regular, overhead view is invaluable when it comes to tracking progress and inspecting for safety issues and an aerial view gives your team a different perspective, helping you catch issues that may not be easily seen or obvious at ground level.


Monitor More Effectively

Although nothing replaces your team onsite, weekly drone maps can significantly reduce the amount of time spent walking an entire site for the purposes of inspection and monitoring.  Regular mapping flights have the added bonus of creating a complete, visual record of a site’s progress, which many project managers and site engineers find invaluable when it comes to exploring trends over time.


Identify and Resolve Issues Quickly

For more advanced oversight, you can import and overlay site plans, or export your maps into industry software like BIM, GIS and CAD.  This might include overlap drone maps with utility, wastewater, and communications plans to help identify issues with services before they actually happen and redirect them at minimal cost.


Make On-the-Ground Decisions Quickly

Measurement tools can be used to help your team make more informed decisions about a whole host of everyday site issues. This allows you to assess items such as the volume of a topsoil stockpile, to the width of a road for truck clearance.


Reduce Downtime by Monitoring Contracted Work in Real Time

Many construction professionals also use drone-generated measurements to review the work of site contractors. With quick access to this type of information, a site manager can easily hold a contractor accountable, and save downtime by requesting changes to work before the contractor leaves the job-site.

Communicate & Collaborate

Drones make collaboration and information sharing easier than ever before. Having an up-to-date drone map helps distribute information efficiently, even among large teams. Streamline the decision-making process by referencing a drone map any time changes need to be made to a project.

Enhanced Safety Inspections

By using drone maps as part of the regular safety inspection process, site managers are able to identify hazards more efficiently. In many cases, the comprehensive overhead view helps managers spot potential issues sooner and take action before a problem becomes larger.


Quickly Generate Site Surveys

In a fraction of the time it takes to conduct a ground-based survey, a drone can automatically fly and capture imagery of a project site. Using traditional ground methods, it may take weeks to collect survey data which may take less than an hour to fly and capture the same information using a drone.


Clear, High Definition Surveys

Not only are drone-based surveys faster to perform than ground-based surveys, but they also deliver much more detailed data. Where a ground survey yields only a few hundred points of resolution, drone-generated data contains millions of points.

Getting Started


Coyle Drone Services can help you create and manage an effective and safe drone program for your organization.

If you’re not quite ready for a full-scale deployment, we can provide a Proof-of-Concept where you can contract our services to provide a fly over of your site and generate maps and models.  This will help you see clear, tangible opportunities for cost savings, improved efficiencies and safety – more quickly than and accurately than ever before.

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