Storm Water Management

Revolutionizing erosion and sediment control site inspections

Quality Aerial imagery for site inspections.

The use of drones is emerging as a remote sensing tool capable of acquiring high resolution spatial and sensing data. Remote sensing with our drone technology provides high quality aerial imagery and data that can assist qualified credentialed inspectors (QCIs) in performing regular site inspections.  This provides a more economical and flexible way of acquiring aerial data (i.e. photographs, videos, and elevation data) and can be pre-programmed with flight patterns to arbitrarily capture data over construction areas.


Coyle Drone Services technology and trained staff assist inspectors in performing thorough site inspections very efficiently and more strategically. Furthermore, our photogrammetric techniques can be used to provide analyses on the collected aerial data through the creation of digital elevation models (DEMs). This provides for greater monitoring of construction site erosion and sediment controls from a project inspectors vantage point.



  • Evaluate soil hydration
  • Assess variations in soil composition
  • Track erosion and sediment measurements
Getting Started


Coyle Drone Services can help you create and manage an effective and safe drone program for your organization.

If you’re not quite ready for a full-scale deployment, we can provide a Proof-of-Concept where you can contract our services to provide a fly over of your site and generate maps and models.  This will help you see clear, tangible opportunities for cost savings, improved efficiencies and safety – more quickly than and accurately than ever before.

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